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Opal Energy Group has been helping businesses switch to solar for more than a decade. Right now is the best time to switch and realize all the incredible benefits of commercial solar.

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Satisfied Clients

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"Opal Energy Group has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The professionalism demonstrated by the organization as a whole is both refreshing and reassuring. I highly recommend Opal Energy Group to anyone looking to improve their bottom line with their comprehensive solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial businesses."

Jordan R.

"We had a great experience adding solar panels to the gym we own. Mario and Kyle were incredible to work with and made the process seamless on our end. They took care of everything so we were able to focus on running our business and doing what we love to do. We will definitely work with them again in the future for other commercial projects."

Andrew F.

Opal Energy Group's Solar Advantage: Business Benefits of Commercial Solar

Cost Savings
Energy Independence
Reliability and Resilience
Tax Credit

Average Incentives and Savings From Switching to Solar

Utility Savings
Cash Incentive
Tax Credit
Solar incentives pie chart

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Opal Energy Group

Opal Energy Group is a vertically integrated commercial and residential solar installation company.

Our mission is to provide the industry's best solar solutions by reducing operating costs, offsetting or eliminating electric supply bills, and creating additional streams of revenue. Contact our team today and learn how you can take advantage of everything solar has to offer!

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