Create Revenue and Increase NOI with Solar

Utility Savings
  • Reduce or even eliminate electric supply costs for a property or business
  • Increase property valuation and equity as a result of increasing the NOI (net operating income).
Cash Incentive
  • Take advantage of state cash incentive programs that can create new cash flow for a business.
  • Where applicable, receive a USDA Grant that covers up to 50% of the system cost.
  • Utilize bonus depreciation in year one or MACRS accelerated depreciation to recoup a large portion of the system cost.
Tax Credits
  • Receive a direct federal tax credit for 30% of the system cost

Average Incentives and Savings From Switching to Solar

Utility Savings
Cash Incentive
Tax Credit
Solar incentives pie chart
A flow chart depicting all of the benefits of switching your business to solar power

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